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Blizzard will remove layers from World of Warcraft: Classic and add PvP

Offline mmoamcom Posted 11-11-2019 - 09:17 AM
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cheap WOW Classic Gold World of Warcraft: Classic in November is waiting for several news and changes: the game enters the second phase.
As you know Blizzard did not plan to rush with updates and content trying to keep the “vanilla” world of Azeroth untouched for as long as possible. However developers had to open access to the Forgotten City dungeon earlier. But then everything continues according to plan.

Previously the company has already begun to disconnect layers on separate servers: in particular Chromi and Herald of Rock switched to a single layer first. From November 12 the layers on Flamegore and Rock Delara will be disabled. Blizzard warns of possible queues especially at Flamegor.

Starting November 11th Blizzard introduces new bans on the free transfer of characters. So from Zmeitalak and Rock Delara the transfer will be closed. But from Flamegor will again be allowed to move to the Bulletin of Doom. Developers warn that free porting can be disabled at any time without warning.

After all the players are on the same layer buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold cheap they will be able to join in the PvP confrontation: an honor system will appear. The inhabitants of Chromi the only Russian-speaking PvE server will not be able to attack players in a clean field but battlefields are available to them. True the Alterac Valley and War Song Gorge will only open in the third phase.

Along with the honor system the first world bosses will appear in the game: Azuregos in Azshara and Kazzak from Blasted Lands. It is Kazzaka that can be seen in Stormwind: in the classic WoW experienced players mowed the whole city with it.

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