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Fitbit Blaze VS. Apple Watch

Offline alexsamuel Posted 11-07-2019 - 09:46 PM
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This is one of the biggest disputes in the production of smart watches. What is the battery life enough?

If you want to have the best, then you should choose Fitbit Blaze. While Apple Watch can provide only one (38mm) and two (42mm) days of mixed use, Blaze promises five. And we decided to check it out in our testing, which included a series of training sessions.

Everything will depend on what functions you will use, and whether you will turn on the brightness of the screen to the maximum. Without features that greatly disrupt the charge, such as GPS, Blaze, together with the Pebble Time saving mode, proved to be on the good side.

A huge price difference indicates that these two wearable devices are located on different sites.

Fitbit’s new design is a positive development and, along with training tracking features, makes them winners. But in the artistic diversity, the Apple Watch is hard to beat.

The new Fitbit Blaze, in an effort to become smarter and more versatile, boasts a color LCD display, an improved design, support for third-party applications and 5 days of battery life.

Fitbit Blaze syncs with both Android and iOS operating systems.

At CES 2016, wearable maker Fitbit proved that it will resist competition from Apple Watch and Android Wear. He unveiled his latest device, called Blaze, which, in addition to call and message notifications, offers a ton of fitness options.

Blaze added a color display to keep up with the decorative and multifunctional offerings of its competitors. In addition, the watch case design is a bit like the Apple Watch, although Blaze is more angular, with its octagonal shape. The device also offers interchangeable straps, made of various materials, ranging from rubber to leather and metal.

Blaze targets Fitbit users who would like a fitness device that is more sophisticated than what the company currently offers. It deviates from the traditions of Fitbit in the main fitness trackers, as the device will have the ability to run third-party applications. The Blaze concept is to offer a smarter and more stylish device.

That was the real argument made by James Park, CEO of Fitbit, in an interview with The Verge. He said fitness watches will remain a Fitbit tradition and smart updates are just part of product development related to technology development.

At this stage, it’s hard to say whether the new wearable Fitbit will actually be smarter. However, Fitbit is under pressure for its game, especially due to the recent lawsuit filed by users who claimed that their devices were inaccurate in monitoring their owner’s biometric data.
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