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Damen[/url] sits inside the Zoom Vaporfly

Offline caicai2017 Posted 05-15-2019 - 09:02 AM
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Runners typically save their very best Nike Air Max 95 Femme for race day: Their freshest legs, their best headspace, and their spediest shoes, hopefully coalesce to achieve a fast time. But, the vast majority of a runner’s pavement pounding comes during training, and those practice runs require different sneakers. For those long hours, runners need a good training shoe: Unlike a racing shoe which is meant to propel a runner forward, a training shoe should feel softer, expertly absorbing the repeated pounding on the pavement to lessen impact on the joints. At the same time, it should have some spring to its step to make those long runs palatable. . Enter Nike’s new Pegasus Turbo.Last year, the Nike Air Max 90 Mujer sports and footwear company debuted its Nike Air Vapormax Femme fastest running shoe yet—the Vaporfly Elite, which was designed specifically to help elite marathoner Eliud Kipchoge and others run a marathon in a time faster Nike Air Max 720 Femme than two hours—a human endurance barrier that echoes, to some degree, the plight of the four minute mile. The shoe features a newly designed midsole (the chunk of foam sandwiched in the middle of the shoe between the insole and the outer layer) dubbed ZoomX as well as a curved carbon-fiber plate. Both features are meant to spring and propel a runner forward and increase the shoe’s energy return. A higher energy return means a runner has to do slightly less work with each stride. The shoe’s consumer versions include the less expensive Zoom Fly and the decked out Zoom Vaporfly 4 percent.
This past fall, the shoes—along with a ton of hard work and training—helped Kipchoge Adidas Superstar Dames almost reach that potential with a time of 2:00:25. And non-elite Nike Air Max 97 Mujer runners are all using the consumer versions to chase down their running goals. And Nike’s not the Nike Roshe Run Mujer only company working on super fast shoes. Last year, rival Adidas released its own racing shoe, the Adizero Sub2, also specifically designed to break that two hour marathon barrier.
But those shoes are meant for race day. Nearly all elite, and many novice runners as well, train in an entirely different sneaker. According to Nike, elite runners like Kipchoge, wanted a training shoe whose energy return and bounce resembled that of the Vaporfly Elite that he races in but without the extra spring of the carbon fiber plate. With that as inspiration, Nike built on its long standing shoe, the Pegasus—a sneaker first introduced in 1983 that was meant for every runner. There’s Nike Roshe Run Damen been countless renditions of the Pegasus shoe since then, including the most recent Pegasus 35 that went on sale last month.But the newest incarnation—dubbed the Nike Air VaporMax Femme Pegasus Turbo—which goes on sale starting August 2, contains the ZoomX midsole foam, the same kind that Nike Air Max 270 Damen sits inside the Zoom Vaporfly 4 percent and the custom Vaporfly elite racing shoes, but without the springboard curved carbon plate. According to Nike’s testing, the foam is the company’s fastest yet, delivering an 85 percent energy return with each stride. That’s among the highest around. Brooks Runnings’ fastest in its newest foam, the Levitate, comes in at around 70 percent. Traditional foams made from a plastic Adidas ZX 750 Mujer called EVA typically reach 50 to 60 percent return, but the better newer foams typically hit 70 plus percent return.
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