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Got an Android device? Come play a game with me :)

Offline Fodell Posted 11-14-2013 - 02:53 PM
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**Promo for the next little bit: Sign up on the GC forums and say "Arhzel" referred you so I get some nice cards too! Linky**
[Image: gre_1384448400.png]

My wife stumbled upon this game about a month ago, and we've both been addicted ever since Tongue.

Also, just FYI guys, the referral code is technically my wife's ^_^. She found the game so she gets all the credit... and if I get enough people she'll get a free 4* (a good card) too. If you have an Android Smart Phone//Tablet, I ask that you simply download it and use her referral code to help me/her out, even if you're not interested in the game. >.>

What is it?
First off: It's FREE!
It's an Android Smart Phone game you download from the Google Play store.
Guardian Cross is made by Square Enix, the same people who made the Final Fantasy series. Here's the thing though, it's a *card game*. Weird huh? Note though, that instead of buying packs (possibly even paying real money :O!) the way you get cards is you go and hunt "guardians" (cards) with a special rifle Smile. You can get pretty good at it; I currently get anywhere from 14-15 guardians on the easiest (slowest moving) area and my record is 24. Every time you catch one it has a chance of being anywhere from a 1--5 star card, common to ultra rare.

How to play
You'll start out picking a "team" name, which is the same as your username. Once you have some good cards you can level them up by "feeding" other cards to it for experience, and they learn abilities that make them better.

There's a cool storyline that gives you various rewards to help you along, but the main thing is the Coliseum, where you can pit your deck of 10 cards against other people's decks, and they have better and better rewards depending on how well you do in the coliseum.

Come play with us Smile
Anyone here want to play it? Use my referral code: ME81627

and you'll get a free 3* (rare) card from the game.
But! on top of that I will send you THREE 4*(super rare) cards (until I run out Tongue) to give you a huge advantage Smile.

Anyone here already play it? It would be fun to talk about//trade//etc.
My in-game-name is CdBobo by the way (it's case sensitive).
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