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Offline mmocs Posted 03-27-2018 - 12:41 PM
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fifa 19 coins account This is a big question indeed. Following the controversy EA faced with its Star Wars Battlefront 2 lootboxes FIFA fans started to ask questions about their own favorite title and its Ultimate Team packs.When you purchase an Ultimate Team pack in FIFA you’re spending real money without any guarantee that you’ll be getting a good card. These packs aren't cheap and fans can spend vast amounts of cash trying to get the cards they want.

Now that Battlefront 2 has attracted the attention of Gaming Commissions who are looking into whether or not systems like these can be tied to gambling and whether they should be open to the young audiences that play EA’s titles we could see some changes when it comes to Ultimate Team packs in FIFA 19.

As we said earlier FIFA has become one of those annual things you can rely on but that may not always be the case. Last year EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson told Bloomberg that the publisher might move away from its annual release model and veer towards a subscription and update model. This would mean that rather than buying a new FIFA every year buy fifa 19 coins account you’d subscribe to a 365-day live service with regular updates.

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