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Mmocs - Your Best Online Friend For Cheap FIFA 19 Coins

Offline mmocs Posted 02-06-2018 - 10:04 AM
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cheap fifa 19 coins While information about FIFA 19 is pretty thin on the ground at the moment we’ll continue updating this page as we get more information. Here’s what we know about FIFA 19 so far.

You may think there’s only so much you can tweak a game where the rules of the sport it’s based on have barely shifted in over 100 years. That’s true to a degree but EA usually has an innovative trick up their sleeves beyond just a squad numbers and kits update.

You can be pretty confident that The Journey will return for a third season – and it’ll probably star Alex Hunter or one of the other bit-part players who have made their name in the first two seasons. A bit of a shame fifa 19 coins for sale given how many other interesting stories there are to tell in the world of football but you can’t blame EA for persisting with a winning formula.

EA has recently spurred talk that there may not even be a FIFA 19 as the series migrates to a subscription service that’s updated each season for subscribers. It’s something not entirely untested with the Madden mobile game being updated for the last three years.

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