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How to improve laser beam quality

Offline htpowlaser Posted 01-31-2018 - 03:19 PM
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Two researchers from the Clemson University in the United States received $ 3.2 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Defense for the research and development of military 500mw laser pointer weapon systems to meet the needs of actual battlefield applications. At present, researchers are trying different methods to improve the beam quality of high-power semiconductor lasers.

The emphasis is on improving light performance and looking for fiber materials that will not reduce the laser light. At present, optical fibers meeting the basic performance requirements have been manufactured and will continue to be optimized to meet the requirements of next-generation high-power laser systems. On the other hand, more focused on improving the pumping efficiency of the 50mw laser pointer, and then create a highly directional laser beam. Although the project is conducted separately, it is a positive attempt to increase the laser power. This will also promote the application of high-power lasers, both in the military and in the industrial arena.

Analysts believe that Air Force equipped with laser weapons is more difficult than the army and the Navy.

Research and development of high-energy laser weapons is the United States Air Force Institute "self-defense high-energy laser demonstrator" (laser shield) project part. A senior researcher for laser weapons said: "Placing laser weapons on a smaller airborne test platform is a completely new challenge. The Laser Shield project is a viable option for producing, testing and installing on aircraft, vehicles and ships."

Senior military commentators believe that the R & D progress of the Navy and the Army has been relatively smooth during the development of the U.S. military's 30mw laser pointer weapons. But in comparison, the Air Force has made the most difficult progress, but it is also the most urgent. As technology advances, the volume and weight of laser-generating and guiding equipment have been significantly reduced from the inception, but energy storage and conversion equipment has been a bottleneck and the miniaturization of high-power lasers is still not satisfactory.

The United States has developed laser weapons for more than 40 years. At their current level, laser weapons can destroy small missiles, artillery shells, rockets, drones, small attack boats, light tanks, etc., just 1 mile (1.6 km) away. Compared with traditional weapons, 200mw laser pointer weapons have the unique advantage of being fast, accurate, free from electromagnetic interference, and high cost-effective ratio. They are regarded as future weapons for "changing the rules of the war." In recent years, the U.S. military has tested the performance of laser weapons on surface vehicles, surface ships, and large aircraft such as the Boeing 747.
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