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Fitness Health And Spirituality Intertwined - saiyash - 06-12-2019 07:24 PM

inwardly with the Spirit's guidance to start removing the logs and debris which have inhibited your experience of the abundance of life.The Spirit is always willing to help and guide you in this process because the life of Spirit's abundance is awaiting complete physical expression in your manifested reality.Spirituality refers to something beyond the actual or the materialistic things that we can perceive and focuses on the ultimate transcendent

dimension which helps a person to discover the entire purpose or rather the essence of his existence. This path to spirituality or the discovery of his true self is indeed a stress buster for many people for the exploration brings in a whole host of revelations that are startling to the individual and he realizes that there is so much more to life than mere material existence.Meditation is the most popularly trodden as well as chosen path by the people

who avidly search for theirNumerologist Review/ inner self. Contemplation and prayer are also other spiritual practices which help them in finding an answer to so many questions that their mind is bogged down with. By following the path of prayer, contemplation and meditation, the person feels that he is connecting with his inner self or with some undefined superior strength that fills his entire existence with meaning and a realization of the divine.In fact, spirituality

is very much an integral part of positive psychology where they emphasize that it is a medium or a path to search the divine or the sacred. This sacred thing is a cut above the rest and brings out a lot of reverence and veneration from within. Following the path of spirituality may lead to greater positive mental health and may provide people with a sense of inner peace and feel less stressed, which in turn can assist them in overcoming their dependence